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Spillman Homes Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, and we strive to uphold these core values with each project:

1. Trust and relationships. Building trust with each of our clients is our always top priority. We believe in treating others how we want to be treated, so you can always expect clear and prompt communication, honesty, and 100% dedication to making your house a home.

2. Excellence. You'll never find us cutting corners or taking the easy way out. Each project is handled with the care your home–and your family–deserves. We want to deliver the best, treat you the best, and be the best.

3. Innovation. At Spillman Homes, we always strive to evolve, improve, empower, and educate. Where we see a need, we try to fill it.

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Our Services

No matter your project type, you can trust Spillman Homes to carry out every detail from the plans to the design to the build with thoughtful attention to detail, clear communication, and high quality craftsmanship. We want you to have a stress-free experience, which is why we use a cloud-based project management app that keeps you up-to-date on budgets, schedule, and clearly communicates selection details. Don't worry about digging through emails or piles of paperwork–your project is in your pocket.


Semi-Custom Homes

In our Semi-Custom line of homes you still get to pick from multiple plans, multiple lots, multiple floor options, cabinet colors etc., but you can do it all in a very stress free environment as quickly as 2 two hour meetings with our design team and know the exact cost of your home upfront with your exact move in date!

Custom Homes

A Spillman custom home is designed and built to suit your exact needs, wants and wishes with an extra level of care and detail in every facet of the process.  We believe your home should express you, which is why you're not limited to any floor plans, finishes, or locations. It should reflect your personality, your day-to-day life and, yes, your budget.


Are you ready to turn your home into your dream?  Do you love your location but wish you could change that wonky layout or that outdated kitchen? If so, a renovation project with Spillman Homes is your answer. We'll sit down with you to figure out the budget and draw up plans to fit your exact needs. 

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Melanie Woodward

When I saw my home for the first time, it was more beautiful in person than any photos could ever convey. Jeremy's craftsmanship and eye for detail are like no other. He is not only building a home, he is creating a piece of art and it shows in his fine work! 

Custom Home Build