Where to? Fox Creek!


Into Columbia:

In the heart of the Show-Me state, Columbia, MO is the brightest spot between Kansas City and St. Louis. For first-time visitors and quick passersby, this lively town usually surprises most folks. Columbia’s high quality of life and low cost of living is a promise to its residents that their paychecks will not only stretch farther, but will show them local and international cuisine, globally-renowned artists, and lots of family-fun activities. Columbia attracts people from all over the world, and it’s easy to see why. No matter the small town pride we hold, this city has always been about growth and innovation. Everywhere you go, there’s pioneers.

The idea was born:

As an advocate for Columbia and reusable energy, Jr2 Development set out to build a neighborhood that could shed light on energy efficiency. They created the very first LEED-focused (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) residential community in Mid-Missouri. Jr2 Development sought out a local builder, Spillman Homes, who shares their vision and commitment to smarter growth through exemplary and innovative design and construction.

Together, this power duo created a first-of-its-kind community called Fox Creek. They’re changing the way neighborhoods are envisioned, constructed and maintained by committing to advancements in technology, quality, energy efficiency, and environmentally-friendly products. Located in Northeast Columbia at 6121 Forester Drive, Fox Creek holds a quiet seclusion for a peace of mind, along with easy access to both Highway 63 and Interstate 70. Catering to a wide variety of lifestyles and living requirements, Fox Creek offers modern sustainable living to families looking to raise a family or age in place.

What do you get?:

We’ve all seen the classic neighborhood of equally spaced-apart lawns in a sea of identical homes. From the start, Fox Creek’s mission was set to stand out, and we take great respect and pride in the creativity of our residents. You will find fresh floor plan designs and customer-selected detailing with each home, serving them a unique look and feel. Focusing on LEED, ADA accessibility, an elevated level of construction, and the latest-grade products and materials, the homes at Fox Creek are all about high quality without sacrificing affordability.

The process:

Spillman Homes is proud to offer various customization options, too. From spec houses, to semi-customs, to full on custom homes, they want to give residents the power to choose, but a helping hand along the way. So instead of going into an overwhelming construction process with thousands of carpet color swatches, The Design Center in Fox Creek facilitates the curation of a home that fits your taste and style. Their team will walk you through all of your options and help you decide what’s the best fit for you.

The Spillman Homes design and purchase approach makes the entire process enjoyable and efficient. Because of our relationship with Flat Branch Home Loans, Fox Creek is proud to provide a one-stop shop that aids each part of the home buying process.

Jessica Spillman